Perfect! Please thank the dev team for their hard work.
--- by Greg Merkley

 I am happy 
I had several problems installing the Outlook sync part of this software.  Most of the problems were my lack of understanding.  I sent one email to correct a problem I created.  I sent a second email asking for help with a 2nd problem and they called, walked me through everything and thanked me.  This does what they say and service from these people is fantastic.
--- by Richard Schwarz

Thanks for a great app.--yours is the only one I've found to always quickly and reliably sync.  You may not be the prettiest but your app. always works.
--- by James Schoenberger

 Incredible customer service and software 
I really like this software because when I am in my car I think and see things differently then when im at home working.  For instance, say I'm driving and I see a restaurant that looks good, I'll mark it as a task while driving and then when I get home, do the synch while pulling into my driveway as I do have wifi like most people inside my house.

Also I have gotten used to using the calendar on iTask screen.  That synchs with my calendar in Outlook, so the whole program has made me more of an Outlook power user.  It would be cool if it also would synch my notes(I have to do that with cable now), but maybe in a future version.

By the way, I had some issues and the tech support was great!  They gave me both phone and email support to make sure it worked again.  With no monthly fee, it's my favorite program.

Get it!
--- by Dave

Loving the software! been trying to find a good outlook sync for some time and this one does the best job
--- by Luke

 Getting better 
When I first upgraded from the previous version, I had issues syncing with Outlook.  That is resolved now, however.  I simply send an email to support and they responded in less than 24 hours and got me working again.  The support is the most responsive that I have seen with anyone.
--- by Heath

 Great Product 
Great product.  Have been looking some time for a product that could sync Tasks without exchange and glad I finally have it.  Thank you AAA+++
--- by Greg

Suggested Products:
iGTask for Outlook
iGTask for iCal
iTaskPro is to sync task and calendar between iPhone and Outlook/iCal through WiFi. It has iTaskPro iPhone app, iTaskPro for Outlook on Windows PC, and iTaskPro for iCal on Mac.
iTaskPro iPhone app
iTaskPro iPhone app is an iPhone app that manages task, to-do and calendar on iPhone. It is a fun tool to help people to organize the tasks, to-dos, and events on iPhone/iPad/iPod. It supports two-way sync between iPhone and Outlook/iCal with iTaskPro for Outlook/iTaskPro for iCal.
iTaskPro for Outlook
iTaskPro for Outlook is an Outlook add-in on PC. It communicates with iTaskPro iPhone app to sync the tasks and calendar events between Outlook and iPhone. Exchange server is NOT required. It requires local WiFi connection. It supports Outlook 2003, 2007, and 2010 on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.
iTaskPro for iCal
iTaskPro for iCal is a Mac application. It communicates with iTaskPro iPhone app t sync the tasks and calendar events between iCal and iPhone.
Why choose iTaskPro?

Sync task and calendar between iPhone and Outlook/iCal
iTaskPro iPhone app communicates with iTaskPro for Outlook/iCal through WiFi for two-way task and calendar sync between iPhone and Outlook/iCal.

Recurring task sync between iPhone and Outlook/iCal
iTaskPro supports recurring task/event sync between iPhone and Outlook/iCal. The recurring tasks/events are fully compatible with recurring types in Outlook/iCal.
Satisfaction guaranteed
30 days money back guaranteed without any question asked after purchasing.
Great support
We provide excellent customer support for the paid customers. Any support ticket or email normally will be replied within 24 hours from our tech support staff.
Reminder alert support
iTaskPro iPhone app supports reminder alert on iPhone to remind you the coming task or event.
Sorting and searching
iTaskPro iPhone app supports various sorting options for the tasks, such as sort by due date, sort by category, sort by tag etc. The customer can create their own sorting preferences with customized filters.
Email tasks
iTaskPro iPhone app supports sending the task in the email.
Text, voice and picture note
iTaskPro iPhone app supports text, voice and picture note on iPhone.